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Henna Brow

  • 45 min
  • 55 Canadian dollars
  • Midtown Place Southwest

Service Description

Henna Brows are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in eyebrow tinting but what exactly are henna brows and what’s so great about getting them done or offering a henna brow service to your clients? As spa professionals, we have been offering professional henna brow tinting to our clients for years. What are henna brows & why is it better than a traditional eyebrow tint? Henna brows are a natural alternative to traditional eyebrow coloring. Traditional eyebrow tints are primarily made of chemicals while most henna brow products are made of natural plant-based ingredients including Lewsonia Insermis aka – henna, a flowering plant commonly used to dye skin, hair and fingernails. Unlike traditional chemical-based tints that dry out or damage eyebrows, henna brows coats the hair and locks in moisture keeping hair healthy and hydrated which often encourages hair growth. One of the other key benefits of henna brows compared to a traditional eyebrow tint is the fact henna brows not only dye the eyebrow but it is also a brow filler. The henna stains the skin beneath the brows for up to two weeks with the tint lasting on the eyebrows for 6-8 weeks. Will henna brows turn my eyebrows a reddish-brown? You’re probably familiar with henna body art, also known as Mehndi or Henna, used in many ancient traditions. The henna dye stains the skin orange to start and darkens over days to a deep reddish-brown due to oxidation. How long do henna brows last? Traditionally the stain on the skin from henna brows lasts up to two weeks and the dye on eyebrows lasts 6-8 weeks. Customers with oily complexions or in humid climates may find the stain on the skin does not last as long due to the fact their skin will not hold onto the dye for as long. Who is a henna brow service good for? The only people we don’t recommend a henna brow service for is anyone with broken skin or skin disorders near the eyebrow, G6PD deficiency, or Seborrheic dermatitis.For customers with sensitive skin, we recommend conducting a patch test 24 hours prior to service to ensure no sensitivities.

Contact Details

  • 613 Midtown Place Southwest, Airdrie, AB, Canada

    + 4038626216

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